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Tournament Dates Announced For 2023 Marathon Offshore!

The Marathon Offshore Swordfish Tournament is one of the most anticipated events in the Florida Keys, and it’s coming up soon. The event will take place from October 19th through the 22nd of 2023. Captain Quinlyn was in the top 10 – winning third place in such a fierce dispute that brought together many fishermen to Marathon, FL.

The Swordfish Tournament allows only one boat to win one place. To join this annual marathon, the cost is a $2,500 entry fee per boat, and by the end of the tournament, winners can be rewarded with prizes including $10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second place, and $2,500 for third place!

Registration is officially open, and there are only 18 spots left. If you want to fish with Captain Quinlyn this year, please get in touch with her today!

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Venice, Louisiana: Part 3

In mid-march, I drove to Venice to take a job as a first mate with a Captain I had never met, in a place I had never been, to jump into a world that I had never experienced. I tend to do well in situations that consume me with the anxiety of the unknown. I continuously throw myself into poorly planned adventures, skimming the line of stupidity and propelling myself into success. Although this formula has been sound so far, I can never rely on it fully and am usually jumping into it full of fear.

My experience in Venice has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life, despite all the signs that it was an iffy situation that most people would have shied away from. I came to stay with Captain Brett Ryan for one week, based on his invitation, and I have stayed here ever since. When he left town for a few weeks, he allowed me to stay at his houseboat provided that I was working on my fishing career. I worked with a few amazing captains in his absence, including Captain Travis Mayeux.

Captain Travis is a wonderfully charismatic fellow who never ceases to make those around him laugh. He is one of Captain Brett’s closest friends and when I got to know him, it was instantly clear that he was the type of person that I wanted to fish with. When Captain Brett left town and I started looking for work, Captain Travis offered me a job. I was more than happy to work with the most bubbly and energetic fisherman I knew. I mean, this guy has a way of making people laugh that I could never pull off. He can say the most offensive words to people, but he does it in such a digestible way that everyone adores him.

I was so excited to work for my friend who made me laugh everyday, but as I soon realized, Travis, aka trav-a-ho, is not the same person as Captain Travis. On our first day fishing together, the weather was awful, the clients were sick and the fish were not cooperating. This Captain, who usually works without a mate, was beyond stressed about not catching fish. The jokes had stopped along with all conversation and communication and this boy was focused. We tried everything to catch fish until the vomiting clients finally called it a day and made us retreat to the dock empty handed. I had never seen this carefree fisherman so upset and I was nervous about fishing with him again.

Reluctantly, I gave another shot to fishing with the Captain who fishes without a mate. I accepted feeling totally useless yet again. I did not know enough to run the back deck without asking specific permission for everything I wanted to do and when we were not catching fish, he did not have the patience to explain what he wanted. Fortunately, our rhythm got better and on a at calm day when we were murdering fish, the happy-go-lucky Trav-a-ho began to show his pretty face.

The Captain, who couldn’t smile without a box full of fish, took advantage of the perfect offshore day and collected us a variety pack to be envied. We spiced up techniques and switched locations and in one day we caught a myriad of sharks, yellow fin tuna, black-n tuna, mahi mahi, scamp, amber-jack, almacojack, red snapper and we even lost two blue marlin. It was an incredible day. The energy, the fishing, the weather, the people and even the tips were all the best I’ve ever had, all rolled into one 12 hour shift.

There was a period of time where Captain Travis and I had no work for a week, so he drove back with me to my homeland of Florida. Since he was kind enough to hire me as a mate, on the charters he usually runs alone, it was wonderful to be able to give him a new fishing experience, as well.
I took him to Lake Ida to fish with my buddy, Patrick Gonzalez, for Peacock Bass. It was a 16-hour drive in each direction, but it turned out to be beyond worthwhile. Captain Tra- vis, who was a bass fisherman long before he was an offshore captain, finally got to catch his freshwater dream fish; the Peacock Bass. It is a rare privilege to put your Captain on fish he wants to catch, but nothing beats putting him on a potential state record.

He caught two new species that day, Peacock Bass, and the rare, invasive Clown Knife fish. We did not have anything to weigh the fish and everyone on the boat wanted to revive it and set it free quickly. We all regretted this decision when we realized that it might have been the state record by a few head lengths. This baby was easily over 10 pounds!

The Clown Knife fish was released in this area and has been thriving ever since. Its original origin is south Asia and Thailand. The Peacock Bass, which was also released in this area, originates from South America. Both of these species were caught on live shiners, with a 1/0, 2/0 circle hook on light tackle. The Clown Knife fish were found in open channels and docks whereas the Peacock Bass were caught along seawalls, docks and other cover.

Frankly, luck only plays a small role when you book a fishing trip with Captain Quinlyn. She knows where to go; when to go there and during which time of year. Call Captain Quin for the best fishing there is. 504.920.6342




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Six hour in shore fishing with Quinlyn! Fantastic! 6 Hour Trip on February 3, 2021

In land fishing. Awesome experience Captain Quinlyn was awesome. Took us to a variety of spot to make sure we got our catch. She was wonderful! Very informative and helpful! Will definitely book her again!

Doug S.

While in Florida a few weeks ago. Decided to do a charter! We were surprised when we learned our captain was a female. She was awesome. Very knowledgeable about all the fish and the surrounding area. She took us inshore to all different spots to keep us catching fish. We were very happy with all of our catches! Do not hesitate in booking this charter, it was awesome!

Cindy S.

Came from MN to go fishing! Non-stop action, first-class service, and just an all-around good time. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to slay some fish!

Brendon B. / Andy V.

Fishing with Capt. Quinlyn was fun and we caught big fishes. Best memories! Will return!

Otso V.

Outstanding trip. LOTS of fish - outstanding crew. We had a great time!

Paul K.
Sleepy Hollow, NY

Captain Quin did a great job putting us on some fish in spite of less than perfect fishing conditions!

Robert O.
Webb City, MO

Captain was great. Fish not so much but look forward to fishing another day when we come down in the future. Would definitely recommend being able to get out further! She did put us on a Goliath Grouper which was awesome. Not a bad day at all. Thanks, Captain Quin.

Tyler B.
Peru, IN

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